Workshop on real-time cryo-EM image processing with SIMPLE

Oxford, UK
9th - 10th January 2018

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Course overview:

SIMPLE is a program package for cryo-EM image processing, featuring algorithms for all aspects of single-particle image analysis. A recent focus of the SIMPLE development team has been the establishment of a streaming pipeline, allowing real-time image processing of data directly from the microscope with a minimal computing setup.

Our SIMPLEstream package robustly motion-corrects the movies with automatic weighting of the frames using a correlation-based M-estimator, estimates the CTF with global differential evolution optimisation, identifies the particle images and preforms simultaneous 2D alignment and clustering with self-adaptive update of the number of classes based on the current number of particle images collected. The gold-standard FRC used to estimate the resolution of the 2D classes provides the necessary validation for rapid assessment of data quality.

This workshop is aimed at facility personnel, postdocs and students using single-particle reconstruction as their primary research tool. Processing through 2D, ab initio 3D, heterogeneity analysis, to high-resolution refinement will be performed by each participant independently working through all stages.

The new SIMPLE GUI will also be introduced allowing all stages of processing through web browsers on any device.

40 attendees can be accomodated.


The workshop will be the first based at the Central Oxford Structural Microscopy Imaging Centre. This new facility, consisting of a suite of direct electron detector equipped microscopes at 200 and 300kV, brings the cryo-EM revolution to scientists based in the Oxford Science Area. A central computing facility associated with the cryo-EM Centre has driven development of the automated real-time processing of single-particle data to facilitate informed sample selection.


The workshop will cost £150 to include registration, lunch (on both days), coffee breaks. Attendees will need to arrange overnight accommodation in Oxford.


The organizing committee

Susan Lea
Dominika Elmlund
Hans Elmlund


 To register click here

 Registration closes 1st Dec 2017